As the COVID-19 situation evolves, ACT Logistics is still hard at work. We are continuing to carry out collections and field services contracts as usual, albeit with greatly increased personal safety measures to protect our staff and clients.

Our Executive Team is taking this situation very seriously; we are closely following all advice and directions from the governing bodies and have introduced a number of additional health and safety measures to protect our team and our clients.

The following seven safety measures have been enacted:

  1. Team members disinfect their hands prior to, and after, each collection.
  2. Gloves are worn at all times while on premises.
  3. A strict no-touch policy is in place (staff and customers should refrain from any handshaking).
  4. Our vehicles have their hard surfaces disinfected before they leave our premises, every time. This includes the steering wheel, door handles, gear-shifters, and keys etc.
  5. Disinfectant wipes are now available to the team members in our warehouse and our transport vehicles to use at any time.
  6. Our Warehouse and Office facility is thoroughly cleaned by professionals to ensure a pristine environment. We have shifted to an intensive cleaning programme beyond the normal daily regime.
  7. Training on personal protective measures has been stepped-up. Our staff are well-informed on the new safety procedures and the steps to take to minimise the risk of harm to themselves, fellow staff and clients.

ACT Logistics is committed to providing the best service and the safest environment during this time.

We are confident that our safety measures will protect all parties from COVID-19 exposure and look forward to a continuing strong relationship with your organisation in the months ahead.

Stay safe.