We have services to manage every stage of the ICT asset lifecycle for you.

Discover a partnership with ACT

From the moment you buy new assets we can manage the entire process—from installing and relocating, to removing and sanitising with ISO 27001-accredited precision.

We partner with our clients and develop strategies to drive more value out of their IT budget at every stage of the lifecycle.

Our Services


ACT offers comprehensive asset lifecycle management for your organisation.

Purchasing Retired Assets

We remove your retired assets, secure your data and pay high prices.

ICT asset management

We extend the life of your ICT assets.

Data sanitisation

We are ISO 27001 Information Security Systems accredited.

ICT asset deployments

We can deploy hundreds of assets within hours.

ICT asset relocations

We get you set up in your new location quickly.

ICT asset audits

We develop a comprehensive report of all of your assets.

Secure warehousing

We securely store your assets, and manage warranties and inventories.

After 25 years of excellence in service delivery, our Asset Disposition processes and Professional Service teams are the best in the industry.  Our service will surprise and delight you.

We have diverted more than 387,000 kilograms of electronic waste from landfill over the last 12 months. We are committed to landfill diversion as a core value and work hard to deliver on our commitment.

Our commitment to ISO 27001 is your guarantee that at every stage of processing, from collection to data sanitisation and beyond, your sensitive information is safe in our hands.