Over the weekend or overnight. Always on-time.

The services we deliver are crafted to every client’s individual needs.

For a typical asset relocation, our team boxes your desktops or notebooks, securely transports them to the new location, unboxes them, connects them to power and data, tests them to the point of a successful login and removes the packaging leaving a neat, tidy work environment.

We can work alongside your team, under your direction or autonomously. As many as several hundred machines can be relocated and redeployed in a matter of hours. Your users will experience a seamless transition.

Secure transport and storage

We maintain a secure chain of custody at all times. We use trusted transport partners to move your assets to our warehouses where they are protected by multiple layers of physical security.

Bulk image loading

We can load software on individual assets at your premises or in bulk at our warehouse prior to distribution anywhere in Australia.

Data centre relocation and deployment

This kind of equipment can be challenging for teams who don’t handle it regularly. We relocate data centres with care and skill, and install your equipment correctly at the new location.

Asset relocation

Our field services team is capable of relocating hundreds of assets in as little as 12 hours—level 1, 2 and 3 technicians, plus experienced project managers, ensure each deployment is rolled out smoothly.

Audits and asset tagging

We can measure the quality and value of all of your ICT assets and collate the details into a comprehensive report. We can also tag assets as we go for effortless future management.