ICT lifecycle management partner for universities

We’ve been working with universities for more than a decade, so we’re no stranger to the unique challenges they face: the scale of ICT assets across many locations is unlike any other industry.

We work alongside in-house IT teams, looking after any projects that fall outside of your business-as-usual responsibilities so you can deliver them without distraction.

Seamless projects

Our field services team works like a well-oiled machine—level 1, 2 and 3 technicians, plus experienced project managers, deliver projects smoothly every time.

Security is always front of mind

We are ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems accredited, and we apply this process to every device that enters our care. In our 30 years of operation, there hasn’t been one incident where data has been compromised.

Secure chain of custody

We maintain a secure chain of custody over your assets at all times, including when we’re transporting ICT equipment from your campuses to our nearest warehouse.

Purchasing retired ICT assets

We can organise to collect fleets of retired ICT equipment within 24 hours, and we refurbish and securely sanitise all data before selling to non-profit organisations and international partners.

ICT fleet deployments and relocations

When departments relocate or you purchase a new ICT fleet, we move and deploy ICT assets more swiftly than your internal team can deliver.

Temporary IT staff

We deploy trained IT staff that work under your instruction for any length of time, which can help cover holiday periods.

Audits and tagging

We conduct audits so you know all of the assets in your care, their location and condition. We also tag assets as we go for effortless future management.

Data centre decommissioning

We handle heavy data centre equipment with care to preserve its value, and sanitise all traces of data with ISO 27001-accredited precision.

Media destruction bins

You can store retired hard drives securely while you wait for a collection. When the bin is full, we collect it and sanitise the drives.