ICT Lifecycle Management Partner For Universities

ACT Logistics redefines IT asset management for academic institutions, offering unparalleled support throughout the entire lifecycle of IT assets. Leveraging our extensive experience in partnering with universities, we navigate the complexities of managing vast IT resources across dispersed campuses, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process.

Seamless projects

Our field services team, boasting a mix of level 1, 2, and 3 technicians along with seasoned project managers, ensures your IT projects are delivered smoothly and efficiently. Our collaborative approach guarantees seamless execution, making complex deployments feel effortless for universities.

Security Is Always Front of Mind

At ACT Logistics, security isn’t just a policy; it’s our practice. With our ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems accreditation, we safeguard every device under our care. Our impeccable 30-year track record of data protection speaks volumes about our commitment to your assets’ security.

Secure Chain of Custody

We uphold a rigorous secure chain of custody for all your ICT assets, ensuring their safety from campus collection to secure warehousing. Our stringent protocols mean your equipment is monitored and protected every step of the way, ensuring peace of mind.

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Purchasing Retired IT Assets

Our responsive team is ready to collect your fleet of retired IT equipment within 24 hours. We not only refurbish but also ensure complete data sanitisation before responsibly reallocating your assets to non-profit organisations and global partners, contributing to a sustainable future.

ICT Fleet Deployments and Relocations

ACT Logistics excels in the rapid movement and deployment of ICT fleets, offering unparalleled speed and efficiency compared to internal operations. Whether it’s departmental relocations or integrating new technology, we’re your fastest route to operational readiness.

Temporary IT Staff

Our provision of trained IT professionals, available for deployment under your direction for any duration, offers the perfect solution to cover holiday periods or project-specific demands, seamlessly blending with your team to ensure continuous productivity.

Audits and tagging

Through our comprehensive audits, you gain full visibility of your ICT assets, including their location and condition. Our efficient tagging process further simplifies future asset management, streamlining operations and ensuring accountability.

Data Centre Decommissioning

Entrust us with your data centre decommissioning needs. We handle your valuable equipment with utmost care, ensuring data sanitisation meets ISO 27001 standards. Our approach preserves asset value while safeguarding your information integrity.

Media Destruction Bins

Secure your retired hard drives in our media destruction bins, providing a safe interim solution until collection. Once full, we proceed with the secure sanitisation of drives, reinforcing our commitment to data security and environmental responsibility.

Explore a Partnership with ACT Logistics

Elevate your university’s IT asset strategy with ACT Logistics by your side. Our expertise in managing the full ICT lifecycle ensures your academic mission thrives without the logistical hurdles of technology management.

Contact us today to discover how we can support your university’s IT operation with efficiency, security, and sustainability.

Partnership with ACT Logistics
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ACT Logistics combines expert planning with a highly skilled team and advanced technology for seamless IT project execution in universities across the nation. Our experienced project managers tailor solutions to meet academic schedules and requirements, to ensure efficient deployment and swift resolution of any issues. Our proactive and customised approach keeps projects on track and within budget.

ACT Logistics employs comprehensive security measures, to safeguard university ICT assets. Our team of experts offer military grade data sanitisation and a robust chain of custody, ensuring assets are protected from collection to final disposition. Our advanced data destruction techniques and physical safeguards maintain asset integrity and confidentiality.

ACT Logistics promotes sustainability by refurbishing and redistributing usable IT equipment, reducing e-waste and supporting community development. Non-reusable components are eco-friendly recycled to minimise environmental impact, aligning with universities’ sustainability goals and reducing the global footprint of e-waste.

Yes, ACT Logistics is adept at managing large-scale IT deployments and relocations for universities. Our extensive network and strategic planning enable us to efficiently handle complex projects across multiple campuses, ensuring technology upgrades and facility expansions are executed with minimal academic disruption.

ACT Logistics’ temporary IT staffing solutions offer universities the flexibility to meet varying IT demands cost-effectively. Our trained professionals can be deployed short-term or for specific projects, integrating seamlessly with internal teams. This service supports continuous IT operations and project capabilities, enhancing the institution’s focus on core academic goals.