ICT lifecycle management partner for finance businesses

We can partner with you and your clients to relieve the headache that comes with the end of a lease. We help your clients to meet your end-of-lease requirements, and we can help you to maximise your return for off-lease assets.

Before the end of a lease

We work with your clients to audit and restore devices to your specification, and develop a comprehensive report to help you settle the lease quickly without debate.

After the end of a lease

When assets have been returned and the lease has been finalised, we work with you to maximise your return.

We can pay up to 15% more for your off-lease assets than our competitors.

Uncompromising security

You can defer your responsibility of information security to us. Our data sanitisation process is accredited to ISO 27001, which independently validates all data is secure at all times.

New life for end-of-life assets

We are committed to expanding the lifespan of ICT assets. We refurbish, redeploy and remarket equipment to find new owners.  We promise 100% commitment to landfill diversion.

Fast, guaranteed prices

We offer guaranteed prices and fast payments for your assets, typically just 14 days after processing.