Your Premier ICT Asset Lifecycle Partner

At ACT Logistics, we stand at the forefront of ICT asset lifecycle management. Catering to financing businesses across the nation, our services span from insightful procurement advice, deployment, and spares management to IT asset relocations and comprehensive end-of-life services. As your dedicated partner, we ensure seamless transitions and maximum returns for off-lease ICT assets, alleviating the complexities often associated with lease terminations.

End-of-Lease Simplified: A Strategic Partnership

Navigating the end of a lease can be daunting. At ACT Logistics, we specialise in providing tailored strategies to both ease and optimise this transition. Whether acquiring leased assets directly from your clients or ensuring compliance with lease termination requirements, our approach is designed to streamline processes and enhance financial outcomes.

Exclusive Partnership Benefits

Partner with ACT Logistics exclusively and unlock a 15% rebate on all data sanitisation, refurbishment, and storage services—valuable savings that can be reinvested into our extensive field services. This unique offering is especially beneficial for managers operating within fixed IT budgets, providing additional resources without the need for extra funding.

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Secure Data Eraser Blancco
Military Grade Data Sanitisation

Security is paramount in asset disposition. Our data sanitisation processes, powered by the industry-leading Blancco software, ensure the highest levels of data protection. Every sanitised device is accompanied by a Blancco-certified, tamper-proof certificate of data destruction for assurance of data security.

Rebirth for End-of-Life Assets

Our commitment to sustainability drives our efforts to extend the lifespan of ICT assets. For devices beyond resale, we employ secure degaussing and shredding techniques, followed by ethical recycling practices, ensuring every component contributes to new creations.

Unwavering Security Throughout Custody

Maintaining a secure chain of custody for your assets is our priority. From transport to warehousing, our rigorously vetted staff and logistics partners embody the highest standards of security and professionalism.

Convert Retired IT Assets To Money
Transparent, Swift Valuations

ACT Logistics promises transparent, guaranteed pricing for retired ICT equipment, ensuring quick payments and clear financial planning for your next asset acquisition. Our pricing model is straightforward, covering all service costs to avoid any unexpected fees.

Explore a Partnership with ACT Logistics

Discover the unparalleled benefits of partnering with ACT Logistics for comprehensive ICT asset lifecycle management. Together, we can achieve more, ensuring security, sustainability, and superior returns on your ICT investments.

Partnership with ACT Logistics
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ACT Logistics specialises in comprehensive ICT asset lifecycle management, offering services from procurement advice, deployment, and spares management to asset relocations and end-of-life services. Our expertise also encompasses end-of-lease management, ensuring clients meet lease requirements efficiently and maximise returns on off-lease assets.

We assist in alleviating end-of-lease complexities by purchasing leased assets from clients before lease termination, ensuring a direct payout and ownership transfer. Our services extend to auditing, restoring devices to specific requirements, and developing comprehensive reports to facilitate lease settlements.

Exclusive partners enjoy a 15% rebate on data sanitisation, refurbishment, and storage services, which can be applied to any of our field services. This unique offer helps managers optimise their IT budgets, ensuring more can be achieved without seeking additional funds.

We employ Blancco, a leading data erasure software, to securely wipe all data from devices, providing tamper-proof certificates of data destruction as a guarantee of security. Our data sanitisation process is ISO 27001 accredited, ensuring all confidential data is securely managed throughout the asset disposition process.

Committed to environmental responsibility, we extend the lifespan of ICT assets whenever possible. For assets without resale value, we degauss and shred hard drives to prevent data retrieval, then ethically recycle each component, supporting the creation of new products.