Extending Your Internal IT Team’s Capabilities

Looking after warranties, spare parts and storage is inconvenient for any IT team; that’s why we work with our clients to manage tasks that don’t fall under their business-as-usual responsibilities.

All of our warehouses are protected by multiple layers of advanced technology and physical security: constant monitoring, cages inside locked facilities only approved staff can access, video and alarm monitoring and a secure chain of custody from your premises to ours.

Secure Warehousing

We deliver bespoke—short- or long-term—storage solutions for high-value, high-turnover and bulky items, or pre-staging for a large project.

Inventory Management

We use advanced asset tracking software and a two-stage inventory management flow so we have the correct equipment on hand, whenever your staff need it.

Warranty Management

We manage warranty claims on behalf of many of our clients—filing paperwork, managing freight, following-up on outstanding items and returning repaired assets to stock.

Bulk Image Loading

We can load your standard operating environment onto your assets either at your premises during a deployment, or in bulk in our warehouse before distributing to anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

Secure Chain of Custody in Transport

Our global network of authorised transport providers ensure your high-value equipment arrives safe and sound at your user’s location or with your field service operators.

Section Background


ACT Logistics’ secure warehousing offers several advantages for your IT team. It frees them from managing tasks like warranty claims, spare parts storage, and long-term storage of bulky equipment, allowing them to focus on core IT functions.

We prioritise the security of your equipment. Our warehouses utilise multiple layers of advanced security, including constant monitoring, restricted access controls, video surveillance, alarm systems, and a secure chain of custody throughout the process.

We offer customised storage solutions to meet your specific needs. This includes short-term or long-term storage for high-value, high-turnover, or bulky items. We can also pre-stage equipment for large projects.

ACT Logistics utilises advanced asset tracking software and a two-stage inventory management system. This ensures we have the correct equipment readily available whenever your staff requires it.

Yes, we offer a range of valuable services to streamline your IT asset management. We can handle warranty claims on your behalf, including filing paperwork, managing freight, and tracking repairs. Additionally, we provide bulk image loading for your standard operating environment onto your assets.