Australia’s leading ICT asset purchaser

We purchase all kinds of ICT equipment from our clients, providing them with a solid financial return they can put toward their next asset purchase or the deployment of new devices.

When you work with ACT, we manage your retired ICT fleet and remove it from your premises quickly so you can focus on the new fleet of assets coming your way.

Retire at the right time

We use expert auditing and analysis techniques to help you take better care of your assets and retire them at the right time: at the intersection between useful life and highest residual value.

The difference can mean up to 15 per cent more in returned value, financing your next purchase and making deployment cost-neutral.

Guaranteed price, fast

You don’t need to wait until we sell your assets to see the financial return. We provide guaranteed prices and fast payments, typically just 14 days after collection and processing.

Security from collection to recycling

From the moment we collect assets at your premises, they are under our ISO 27001 accredited care. Our staff and contracted partners go through an extensive vetting and training process before we engage them to work with us.

Our warehouses in Australia have controlled perimeters and internal areas with advanced camera technology and 24/7 monitoring.

Advanced asset tracking

Our purpose-built asset management system, ALogic, traces every ICT device as it moves through our warehouses.

Its comprehensive reporting ability keeps our clients informed and allows our management team to rigorously cross-check that the correct processes have taken place.

ICT asset buybacks

We purchase all kinds of ICT equipment to give you a solid financial return you can put toward your next asset purchase.

Secure asset collection

We can arrange to collect assets from your premises within 24 hours so your space is cleared quickly. From the moment assets are in our care, they come under our secure chain of custody.

Secure data sanitisation

Every device that moves through our warehouses is treated with ISO 27001-accredited precision. You can read more about our data destruction process here.

Lease early buy-outs

In some cases, we can buy your leased ICT fleet from you a few months out from the end of your lease so you avoid the end-of-lease headache and enjoy an unexpected addition to your IT budget.

Staff buyback programs

We manage staff buyback programs—sales, warranties, software, enquiries—so you can stay at arm’s length while offering your staff a unique opportunity.

Complementary media destruction bins

Secure retired hard drives while waiting for data destruction. Once the bin is full, we pick it up and sanitise the retired drives.

We nurture international market partnerships to pay our clients up to 15% more than competitors for your retired ICT equipment.

We Buy:
  • desktops
  • servers
  • mobile phones
  • notebooks
  • tablets and iPads
  • electronic whiteboards
  • projectors
  • uninterruptible power
  • network products
  • printers
  • telephony
  • VoIP systems
  • copiers
  • monitors
  • video conferencing
  • scanners
  • … and more.