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Empower your organisation with efficient and secure IT asset management throughout the entire lifecycle. At ACT Logistics, we partner with businesses in Australia and New Zealand across diverse industries, including Corporate, Government, Finance, Retail, Schools, and Universities. With over 30 years of experience, we understand the unique challenges you face in managing your IT assets.

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Each industry has its own set of IT challenges. Dive deeper into our customised solutions designed to maximise efficiency and return on investment for your sector:

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We remove your retired assets, secure your data and pay high prices.


We extend the life of your ICT assets.


We are ISO 27001 Information Security Systems accredited.


We can deploy hundreds of assets within hours.


We get you set up in your new location quickly.


We develop a comprehensive report of all of your assets.


We securely store your assets, and manage warranties and inventories.


We decommission your equipment, sanitise the data and maximise your return.


ACT Logistics have gone out of their way to fully understand the business at each of the business levels, and they’ve been able to adjust accordingly depending on the needs and also really understanding the relationship and having that interpersonal skills to work with us and actually build that has been exceptional.”

Garrick Peisley
Director Digital Partnerships, eHealth QLD

“The biggest takeaway from ACT Logistics for me is their total willingness to jump in boots and all to help deliver what it is that I’m trying to achieve. They’re a true partner rather than somebody on the sidelines.”

Peter Floyd
Chief Digital Officer, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Queensland

“I’ve always found working with ACT a very collaborative process. There’s an ease of interaction in all of the dealings that we have. The people that we deal with are enthusiastic about what they do, have pride in what they do, and understand TAFE Queensland and the challenges that we have. And that’s what I think sets ACT apart for us.”

Annie Duke
Director, ICT Service Delivery, TAFE QLD

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Partnership with ACT Logistics
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ACT Logistics specialises in maximising the value and security of IT assets with our tailored asset management solutions. We understand the educational sector’s need for robust data protection, especially for student information, ensuring compliance with the highest international standards.

Our services align with government requirements for secure data erasure and environmentally responsible e-waste recycling, backed by ISO 27001 and R2v3 certifications, which ensure that all ITAD activities meet stringent security and sustainability standards.

We provide comprehensive e-waste recycling and asset refurbishment programs that not only extend the lifecycle of IT assets but also support corporate sustainability goals by minimising environmental impact.

Yes, we offer rapid deployment and update services for retail IT systems, as well as secure data sanitisation and disposal, to ensure that your end-of-life IT assets are handled efficiently and in compliance with environmental regulations.

Partnering with us ensures cost savings, improved efficiency, and enhanced security across all stages of the IT lifecycle. We also provide a unique rebate program for exclusive partnerships, maximising the value returned from your IT investments.