Secure Data Erasure and Data Sanitisation Services

Security always comes first at ACT. We follow stringent policies and processes that have been independently accredited and audited by global authorities. In our 30 years of operation, there hasn’t been one instance where data has been compromised.

ISO 27001 Accreditation

Our data sanitisation process and secure chain of custody is accredited to the highest international standard for information security—ISO 27001. Every device in our care is treated with precision as it moves through our processes.

Landfill Diversion Program

We are ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems accredited. We refurbish and sell assets to non-profit organisations and global partners, and when assets no longer have re-sale value, we make sure parts are recycled correctly so they can be used to build something new.

Secure Transport and Chain of Custody

We maintain a secure chain of custody over all equipment in our care, from the moment we collect assets from your premises to when they are recycled or in the next user’s hands. Our warehouses are protected by multiple layers of security.

Trusted Team Members

Every person that works for ACT Logistics, whether a direct employee or contracted partner, goes through an extensive training and vetting process before we engage them to begin work with us.

Section Background
Data Destruction

We take care to remove all forms of personal data on all IT devices. We use trusted, skilled technicians to implement our ISO 27001-accredited processes.

External Cleaning

Our trained warehouse professionals clean devices, taking care to remove any tags or external labels that can identify a device’s previous owner or organisation.


For assets that cannot be re-sold, we degauss the hard drives—applying an intense magnetic field that destroys all traces of data.


When devices have been degaussed, we then shred them so there is no way anyone can retrieve anything other than some recycled material from the remains.

On-Site Data Sanitisation

We can apply the same data sanitisation process at secure facilities as in our warehouse. Our degaussing and shredding equipment is portable, so we can sanitise data at your location.

Media Destruction Bins

You can store retired hard drives securely while you wait for a collection. When the bin is full, we collect it and sanitise the drives.