ICT Lifecycle Management For Government

We understand the unique challenges that Government departments and agencies face in managing ICT assets efficiently. With over 30 years of expertise, ACT Logistics stands as your dedicated partner in ICT asset lifecycle management. Our expertise and services spans from strategic procurement advice to seamless deployment, expert spare equipment management, and responsible end-of-life IT asset disposition. Chosen by government departments and agencies across the nation, we stand as the definitive leader in elevating IT lifecycle efficiency in the ITAD and ITAM sectors.

We’re On Your Panel

Our extensive collaborations with government bodies has established us as leaders in ICT lifecycle management. We’ve proudly reinvested over $15 million back into various government sectors throughout Australia, following our inclusion in prestigious panels such as QLD Government ITO¬†DETSOA 84891, NSW Government C9826, NSW Local Government LGP115-2, Federal Government HM100, and Local Buy LB308. Our track record underscores our commitment and authority in the field.

Certified Security and Environmental Commitment

Ensuring your complete peace of mind is our top priority. Our operations are reinforced by our ISO 27001 and R2v3 certifications, alongside a comprehensive landfill diversion program. These elements guarantee military grade security in data management and demonstrate our dedication to environmental sustainability and responsibility.

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Purchasing retired ICT assets

When it’s time to retire ICT assets, our team works with you to get the highest financial return.

Secure chain of custody

We maintain a secure chain of custody from the moment we collect assets from your premises to when your sensitive data is destroyed and beyond.


When it is time to deploy new assets, we manage the removal of old assets and installation of new assets as part of one smooth project.

Fleet and data centre relocation and decommissioning

ICT equipment, especially data centre equipment, is heavy and difficult to move. Our team of technicians expertly handle the equipment with care.

Staff buyback programs

We can manage your staff buyback program so you remain at arm’s length.

End of lease services

We’re experts in end-of-lease arrangements. We work with you and the lessor to help you meet all of the requirements.

Data sanitisation and recycling

When assets reach end of life, we securely sanitise information and ensure all parts are recycled correctly.

Ultimately, I trust their service. The sheer scale of volume they can handle, matched with the attention to detail they provide, means they have my confidence.

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Explore a Partnership with ACT Logistics

At ACT Logistics, we’re committed to transforming how government departments manage their ICT assets. From ensuring the secure and environmentally responsible disposal of retired assets to maximising value recovery and enhancing operational efficiency, our partnership guarantees a future-ready government ICT landscape.

Experience the confidence and trust echoed by our long-standing government partners. Let’s redefine government ICT lifecycle management together.

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Partnership with ACT Logistics
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ACT Logistics brings over three decades of specialised experience, with a strong focus on security, value recovery, and environmental responsibility, making us a trusted partner for government ICT needs.

We adhere to ISO 27001 standards for information security and ISO 14001 for environmental management, ensuring secure data sanitisation and responsible recycling of ICT assets.

Yes, our experienced project management team and technicians specialise in handling large-scale deployments, fleet and data centre relocations, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish.

Exclusive partnerships with us entitle government departments to a 15% rebate on select services, facilitating enhanced ICT management within fixed budgets.

Through international partnerships and domestic retail outlets, we ensure the highest financial return on retired ICT assets, reinvesting significant value back into government departments.