Comprehensive Auditing Across Australia and New Zealand

Our IT asset auditing service can help you to stay in control of all of your IT assets. When you have hundreds—or even thousands—of IT assets in multiple locations around the region, our comprehensive audit reports allow you to see it all in one place.

Our audits detail any kind of information depending on your needs, including an asset’s location, condition, current value or any other attribute you’d like assessed.

International Network

We have a large network of skilled technicians stationed around Australia and New Zealand, ready to be deployed for any IT asset management project. Our team is often closer to your locations than your internal IT team, which means you save significant travel costs.

Seamless Projects

With hundreds of complex projects under our belt, our field services team works like a well-oiled machine. Our project managers are experienced and nimble, and look over every detail to ensure a seamless project from beginning to end.

Comprehensive Reports

Our reports provide a detailed picture of all of your assets in every location. Our team will record any detail you need, including an asset’s location, condition, re-sale value and more.

Update Your Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Our experienced staff are familiar with all the major asset tracking systems and will expertly update your preferred ATS as they audit your assets.

Asset Tagging

We can tag your assets—or update tags—as we go for effortless future management.

Section Background


Maintaining control of your IT assets is crucial. ACT Logistics’ IT asset auditing helps you track hundreds or even thousands of devices across locations. Our comprehensive reports provide a clear picture of your entire IT inventory, including location, condition, value, and any other details you need.

Our audits are customised to your needs. Typically, they include details like asset location, condition, current value, and model information. We can also capture additional data points specific to your company’s requirements.

Our extensive network of technicians across Australia and New Zealand means they’re often closer to your sites than your internal IT staff. This reduces travel costs associated with audits. Additionally, accurate asset tracking can help you optimise resource allocation and potentially discover underutilised equipment.

The data collected is yours! Our comprehensive reports are delivered in your preferred format and can be easily integrated with your existing asset tracking system (ATS) by our experienced team.

Absolutely! Our team can efficiently tag your assets or update existing tags during the audit process. This streamlines future management of your IT equipment.