Trust in our experience.

Software, hardware, packaging and installation—these are the headaches new fleets of assets can bring. We can manage the entire deployment process for you.

Our goal is to have your staff leave at 5pm on Friday, then arrive on Monday morning with their computers working perfectly—as though nothing but the hardware has changed.

Seamless projects

Having rolled out hundreds of relocation and deployment projects, our field service team is a well-oiled machine—deploying large numbers of assets in tight timeframes.

Level 1, 2 and 3 technicians, plus experienced project managers, work to deliver a seamless process from beginning to end.

Secure transport and chain of custody

We maintain a secure chain of custody over all equipment in our care, from the moment we collect assets from your premises to when they are recycled or in the next user’s hands. Our warehouses are protected by multiple layers of security.

Bulk image loading

We can load software on individual assets at your premises or in bulk at our warehouse prior to distribution anywhere in Australia.

Data centre relocation and deployment

This kind of equipment can be challenging for teams who don’t handle it regularly. We relocate data centres with care and skill, and install your equipment correctly at the new location.

Data migration

If you need to input data to a new system and aren’t able to do it electronically, we can manage the process for you. Our staff re-key the data into the new system and then audit it for accuracy.