Expert IT Asset Management Services

We partner with your in-house team, enabling them to deliver business-as-usual services while we manage important stages of the asset lifecycle.

Clients are always impressed by the flexibility of our team—delivering quality services at any time, in any location across Australia and south-east Asia.

Secure chain of custody

We maintain a secure chain of custody from the moment we collect assets from your premises, to when they are ethically recycled or in the next user’s hands.

Seamless projects

Having rolled out hundreds of relocation and deployment projects, our field service team is a well-oiled machine—relocating large numbers of assets in tight timeframes.

Level 1, 2 and 3 technicians, plus experienced project managers, work to deliver a seamless process from beginning to end.

Section Background
Deployments and relocations

These services look different depending on our clients’ needs. Typically, our team unbox, install and test the new product, then re-box the old product before taking it away for data destruction.

Audits and tagging

Our audits detail any kind of information depending on your needs, including an asset’s location, condition, current value or any other attribute you want assessed. We can also tag assets as we go for effortless future management.

Secure warehousing

We offer short- and long-term secure warehousing solutions. Our facilities feature highly-qualified warehouse managers, plus multiple layers of physical security and theft prevention.

Secure transport

With a global network of authorised transport providers, we ensure that your high-value equipment arrives safe and sound.

Bulk image loading

We can load software on individual assets at your premises or in bulk at our warehouse prior to distribution anywhere in Australia.

Temporary IT staff

If you need trained, capable IT staff members fast, we can deploy members of our expert team.  While they remain employed by us, they become a part of your team, under your instruction.

ACT & Energy QLD – A Partnership Built On Trust

Energy Queensland is responsible for the distribution of power to Queensland across more than 220,000 kilometres of power lines. End-to-end, they would stretch more than halfway to the moon!

It’s a big corporation. Their 7,200+ staff cover more than 100 locations spanning the Torres Straight to the Northern Territory and New South Wales. And they rely on more than 9,000 PC’s to carry out their everyday tasks.

That’s where ACT Logistics comes into the picture… watch the video