Premier ICT Lifecycle Management Solutions for Schools

Empowering Educational Success with ACT Logistics

At ACT Logistics, we pride ourselves on being the leading specialist in ICT asset lifecycle management for schools across Australia. Our comprehensive services cover everything from expert procurement guidance, strategic deployment, and IT equipment spares management, to seamless asset relocations and responsible end-of-life solutions. Trusted by educational institutions nationwide, we are dedicated to enhancing the efficiency, security, and value of your ICT assets.

Partner with ACT Logistics to streamline your ICT asset management. By doing so, you can focus your internal resources on delivering paramount educational services, knowing your ICT infrastructure is optimised for both security and efficiency.

Unwavering Commitment to Security

At ACT, we prioritise the security of sensitive information, especially student data. As one of the industry’s most accredited entities, our data destruction processes adhere to the highest international standards (ISO 27001). Utilising Blancco, the leading data wiping software, we ensure the secure deletion of all data from retired devices, preserving their resale value while guaranteeing data privacy.

Exclusive Partnership Advantages

Engage with us exclusively and enjoy a 15% rebate on comprehensive data sanitisation, refurbishment, and storage services, applicable towards our extensive field services. This exclusive offer is a boon for schools operating within fixed IT budgets, providing a cost-effective solution to expand your capabilities.

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Maximising Value from Retired ICT Assets

Unlock the Full Potential of Your ICT Investments

With ACT Logistics, transitioning retired ICT assets becomes a strategic advantage. We don’t just purchase; we partner with schools to ensure you receive unparalleled financial returns for equipment in any condition. Our approach is designed to extend the lifecycle value of every ICT asset, ensuring your investments continue to benefit your institution’s bottom line.

Unbreakable Security In Asset Transition

Your Assets, Secure Every Step of the Way

Security isn’t just a feature; it’s our foundation. From the moment we collect your ICT assets, they enter a secure chain of custody that’s meticulously maintained through to data sanitisation and beyond. Our protocols are designed to protect your assets and their data, giving you peace of mind that the transition is handled with the utmost care and security.

Seamless End-of-Lease Asset Management

Effortless Transitions at Lease End

Navigating the complexities of end-of-lease requirements can be daunting. ACT Logistics simplifies this process, ensuring your school meets every requirement with ease and efficiency. From device cleaning to data sanitisation, we handle every detail, allowing you to focus on what matters most—educating the future.

Empowering Educators with Staff Buyback Programs

Enhance Your Educational Community

Our Staff Buyback Programs are more than a service; they’re a way to give back to the educators who shape our future. By managing these programs end-to-end, we enable schools to offer their staff an exclusive opportunity to purchase, warranty, and service ICT assets without any administrative burden. It’s our way of supporting the educational ecosystem.

Commitment to Sustainability Through Eco-Friendly Disposal

E-Waste Recycling & Secure Data Sanitisation for a Greener Tomorrow

We believe in responsibility—not just to our clients, but to our planet. Our data sanitisation and recycling processes are meticulously designed to ensure that retired assets are handled in an environmentally sustainable manner. From secure data wiping to ethical IT equipment recycling, we ensure that every part of the asset lifecycle is managed with sustainability and security.

ACT Group are industry leaders. Their secure processes, attention to detail and great customer service make installations and disposals effortless. I’ve dealt with them for years and I confidently recommend them to your school.

Matthew Gausden, Director of ICT, St Joseph’s College

Explore a Partnership with ACT Logistics

Transform the future of education at your school with ACT Logistics. Our expertise in ICT asset lifecycle management revolutionises how technology integrates with learning environments. Elevate your school’s operational excellence, security, and sustainability in ICT management.

Reach out today to explore a transformative partnership with ACT Logistics and unlock unparalleled support for your educational institution.

Partnership with ACT Logistics
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ACT Logistics offers a complete suite of ICT asset lifecycle management services tailored for schools, including procurement, deployment, maintenance, and secure disposal, optimising IT budget efficiency and data security.

Exclusive partners enjoy a 15% rebate on our data sanitisation, refurbishment, and storage services, helping schools with fixed IT budgets to help maximise the return on their investments.

We adhere to ISO 27001 standards and use Blancco data wiping software to guarantee the secure deletion of data from retired devices, prioritising the protection of sensitive student information.

Yes, through strategic international partnerships and retail outlets, we specialise in maximising financial returns on retired ICT assets, providing competitive financial benefits.

We manage staff buyback programs, offering a hassle-free solution for educators to acquire ICT assets, fostering a supportive educational ecosystem.