We Relieve The Headache Of Managing ICT Assets Throughout The Product Lifecycle

Your ICT lifecycle partners

Since 1993, we have partnered with government agencies, large corporates and educational institutions to develop long-term asset management strategies—delivering seamless processes, value for money and uncompromising security and environmental standards.

Section Background

ACT Group of Companies

ACT Logistics

ACT Logistics is the central hub of the group’s operations. It purchases retired ICT assets, securely transports them to nationwide facilities and audits, stores and redeploys them—or sanitises them—before remarketing through domestic and international channels.

ACT Networks

ACT Networks is a specialist division of the group focused on extracting value from data centre and networking equipment. ACT Networks purchases, remanufactures and remarkets servers, switches, firewalls and more once the data on them has been sanitised in accordance with global best practice.

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ACT Professional Services

This division provides skilled project management staff and field teams that deploy, decommission and relocate some of Australia’s largest companies swiftly and accurately. Your staff experience a seamless transition with all ICT assets deployed and tested for operation before they arrive for work.

Australian Computer Traders

Australian Computer Traders, the retail arm of the group, provides the opportunity to purchase retired assets that have been sanitised and returned to fully operational status. This division sells new or refurbished computers, monitors, peripherals and software with full warranties. When you want to allow your staff to buy back their work computers, Australian Computer Traders will run the buyback program.

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“Ultimately, I trust their service. The sheer scale of the volume they can handle matched with the attention to detail they provide means they have my confidence.”

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, QLD

“We recently partnered with ACT Logistics to roll out Windows 10 to 380 devices, and we had a great experience.

I was very pleased to see that rather than simply give us extra hands and feet, ACT Logistics sent real specialists in upgrades to conduct our project.

I’d encourage any organisation conducting a fleet-wide upgrade to invest in ACT Logistics’ services.”

Gympie Regional Council

“I’d say that for anyone considering working with ACT there are no downsides. We’ve had a great experience.

ACT takes a partnership approach and is committed to continual improvement.”

“That’s the attitude that makes the relationship a success.”

Energy QLD

“ACT Logistics has been providing USQ with hardware disposal and deployment services for 5 years.

They have proven reliable and trustworthy in disposing of our assets in a secure and environmentally responsible manner.

They also assist with successful computer deployments to our lab environments.”

University of Southern Queensland

Giving Back

We are proud supporters of many charities across Australia.  Here is a small selection:

The World’s Biggest Garage Sale (WBGS) is a massive community event – a garage sale – where people donate their unused or unwanted household goods and they are resold to create purposeful profit.

The organisation makes donations from the profits to Australian charity benefactors such as The Courier Mail Children’s Fund, The Pyjama Foundation, and ACT for Kids.

ACT Logistics is proud to have an ongoing relationship with WBGS that sees us donate IT Assets that have been data-sanitised so that their growing volunteer army can coordinate information faster and more reliably.

“Thank-you so much for your generosity in the donation of laptops and ipads.  This will help us out so much.”

Yasmin Grigaliunas
CEO & Co-Founder

Our Accreditations

ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
ISO 9001: Quality management systems
ISO 14001: Environmental management systems
ISO 27001: Information security management systems
R2V3 Certification: Pioneering responsible electronics recycling
ACT Logistics is CM3 pre-qualified
CM3 Prequalified Contractor


Blancco platinum ITAD partner
Section Background


At ACT Logistics, our unique approach stems from our comprehensive suite of services that cover every phase of the ICT asset lifecycle, from acquisition and deployment to secure disposal and recycling. With over three decades of experience, we leverage our expertise in asset management systems, secure data destruction, and e-waste solutions to deliver tailored strategies that exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of value, security, and environmental responsibility.

Security is at the forefront of ACT Logistics IT asset disposition services. We adhere to strict protocols and industry-best practices, including data sanitisation, hard drive destruction, and digital media destruction. Our processes are designed to meet ISO 27001 standards for information security management, ensuring that all data is irrecoverably erased before any asset is remarketed or recycled.

Absolutely, ACT Logistics is deeply committed to promoting sustainable IT practices through our e-waste recycling and sustainable practices services. We aim to minimise the environmental impact of IT assets by extending their lifecycle through refurbishment and responsible recycling, aligning with ISO 14001 environmental management standards. Our efforts contribute to reducing e-waste and supporting a circular economy.

ACT Logistics partners with a wide range of organisations, including government agencies, large corporates, educational institutions, and more. Our versatile services in IT asset lifecycle management, secure warehousing, and IT asset relocations are tailored to meet the specific needs of any organisation looking to manage their IT assets more efficiently, securely, and sustainably.

Beyond our business operations, ACT Logistics is dedicated to giving back to the community and supporting environmental causes. We actively donate sanitised IT assets to charitable organisations like The World’s Biggest Garage Sale (WBGS), aiding them in their mission while promoting the reuse of IT equipment. Our commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement is an integral part of our corporate identity.