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What happens to printers when they leave your premises?

They’re big, bulky and the cost of transporting them often outweighs their commercial value. So what happens to printers after ACT Logistics collects them? FIRST, LET’S LOOK AT WHAT’S INSIDE THEM Lots of heavy duty ABS plastic. Between 20 and 80 kg of steel and aluminium (in a multi-function device). Toner – typically very bad …


Schools love ACT Logistics

ACT Logistics is trusted by more than 260 public and independent schools across the country? We asked “why”? Here are the most common responses. “YOU DON’T JUST CHERRY PICK – YOU’RE A REAL PARTNER” Almost every school has Apple devices and computers under 4 years old. Those are the prized assets to buy. And some …


Putting a drill through your hard drives? Read this

What do you do when your computers reach the end of their useful life? If you’re like more than 15% of the IT Asset Managers we speak to, you pull out the hard drives, set them aside for a slow period in the year then grab your trusty drill and do your own manual data …