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Here’s how you can pay for the installation of new computers with your mobile phone

Here’s how you can pay for the installation of new computers with your mobile phone Deploying a new fleet of computers is a time-consuming affair that distracts in-house IT teams from business-as-usual IT. What’s more, it can add a surprising hidden percentage to the cost of a new PC. But there’s an unexpected hero in …


Retiring old Computers? Here’s How to Stay out of the Headlines

Nearly all e-waste is recyclable, but currently only around 20% is being recycled. The majority is ending up as landfill or airborne pollution.  You don’t want your brand anywhere near that.  Here’s how to stay out of the news when your IT reaches end-of-life.


Human Error Accounts for 35% of Data Breaches

This week the OAIC released its report into the first 12 months of the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme.  964 eligible incidents and 35% of them relate to human error. What does it mean for IT Asset Disposition?


What happens to printers when they leave your premises?

They’re big, bulky and the cost of transporting them often outweighs their commercial value. So what happens to printers after ACT Logistics collects them?



Schools love ACT Logistics

ACT Logistics is trusted by more than 260 public and independent schools across the country?  We asked “why”?

Some of the responses might surprise you…


Putting a drill through your hard drives? Read this

What do you do when your data-bearing assets reach end-of-life?  if you’re drilling through them, or directing an employee to do it, you should read these 5 reasons to reconsider.

The last one might just save your health….