We have Level 1 to Level 3 IT Staff if you require them

Demands on the IT department are skyrocketing at the moment. If you could use some extra hands, either on-site or remote, we can help.

Here’s how:

  1. Extra help desk staff.  We are skilled at integrating with your help desk and quickly getting up-to-speed to reduce the load on your in-house team.
  2. On-site or remote installations for your team members.  We are experienced at deploying computers and peripherals either on-site or remotely.  Our team is also skilled at hardware and network troubleshooting to get your users working again quickly.
  3. Coordinating your Work-from-Home programme – updating asset registers, coordinating hardware deliveries for users, managing spares and importantly, ensuring you get all your assets back after the work-from-home period is over!
  4. Performing a Refresh-in-Place.  If your fleet update is overdue but delayed indefinitely, we can refresh the operating system on your assets, returning computers to a near-new state.

We are remote work experts

We have conducted thousands of installations remotely for government and corporate clients as well as help desk support, triage services and more.  That means your team and ours don’t have to be in direct physical proximity for us to support you.

Could you bring forward some pre-planned actions now?

COVID-19 means fewer people are in their regular workplaces right now, but it might not last as long as early predictions suggested.

If we take a guide from South Korea and Singapore (both further ahead in their infection curve) it’s likely that there’s an 8 to 12-week period now where it will be possible to conduct on-site activities that would normally interrupt users and have to be done outside regular hours.

These are activities like hardware audits, desktop upgrades (have all your computers been upgraded to Windows 10?), relocations and decommissioning.

And because that kind of work can be performed in the daytime instead of evenings or weekends at the moment, it’s also going to be cheaper.

Let’s talk about how we can help

Phone your account manager, reply to this email or call us on 1300 225 001 and we’ll let you know exactly how we can help, and how fast.

Stay safe