ICT lifecycle management for corporations

We partner with corporations to get the most value out of their assets and IT budgets at every stage of the product lifecycle.

We support all of your ICT lifecycle management tasks, freeing up you and your team to focus on delivering business-as-usual services.

Long-term strategies

The true advantages of our service lie in our advice and ongoing support. We develop long-term strategies and advise the ideal time to turnover ICT fleets—at the intersection between useful life and the highest residual value.

More for your assets

We nurture downstream partnerships and successful retail outlets so we can pay you up to 15% more for your retired ICT assets than our competitors.

IT asset management

We work with IT and management teams to develop strategic plans for managing ICT assets.

Secure warehousing

We can securely store new assets in our warehouse until they are deployed. We are vendor-neutral—we manage any asset, no matter the supplier.

Image, transport and track

While in our warehouse, we load the operating system onto new assets, making an even more efficient deployment project.


When it is time to deploy new assets, we remove old assets and install new assets as part of one smooth project.

Maintain and upgrade

We manage projects that fall outside of business-as-usual responsibilities, like auditing ICT equipment and rolling out fleet-wide software upgrades.

Purchasing retired ICT assets

When it is time to retire ICT assets, our team works with you to develop strategies that get the most financial return.

Information security and environmental management

We are ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems accredited. We dispose of assets securely and ethically.