Here’s how you can pay for the installation of new computers with your mobile phone

Deploying a new fleet of computers is a time-consuming affair that distracts in-house IT teams from business-as-usual IT.

What’s more, it can add a surprising hidden percentage to the cost of a new PC.

But there’s an unexpected hero in your organisation. Your ageing mobile phone fleet may well store enough value to offset the rollout of a new fleet and even cover the collection and data sanitisation of your retired devices.

How is that so?

Mobile phones are swapped over much faster than PC’s and other office IT equipment. On average, it’s closer to every 2 years compared to 4 years for desktops and notebooks.

The short lifecycle means that they keep a higher percentage of their original value than a retiring desktop or laptop, and that value can pay for the installation of your new fleet.

For example:

As at June 2019, a fleet of just 100 iPhone 6s Plus devices, with an average return of $145 per device, can offset the cost of installing a new computer plus the collection, freight, warehousing and data sanitisation of a retired device, while still delivering a cash-positive return to your IT budget.

The net result? Cost-free installation and data sanitisation plus diversion from landfill. And what’s more, any value recovered from your retired computers and monitors goes straight to back to your IT budget.

So, if you have a new computer fleet on the way, consider timing its deployment with the next update of your mobile phone fleet.  100 iphones could install 200 computers and keep your IT team focused on core business.

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