Test and Tag

ACT Logistics can provide a comprehensive Test and Tag service for all ICT equipment.

The majority of electrical ICT cables from manufactures have not been pre-tagged or tested to AS/NZS3760:2003 standards.

Each State and Territory has O&HS legislation which details workplace health and safety standards designed to reduce work-related injury and illness.

These requirements are known as Duty of Care. Duty of Care requires everything ‘reasonably practicable’ to be done to protect the health and safety of others at the workplace. This duty is placed on all employers, their employees, and any others who have an influence on the hazards in a workplace.

The Standard recommends the new equipment be fitted with a tag marked with the date it went to service. This action sets a baseline date to work with for future electrical inspection and testing activities.

Electrical equipment that has been serviced or repaired, and as a result could have affected electrical safety, must be inspected, tested and tagged in accordance with the Standard prior to the equipment being placed back into use.


The standard requires the following record keeping establishing the history of tests:

The tags applied are self-adhesive or clip-on vinyl and can be customised to feature information such as: company name / logo; name of person testing; licence / contact number of person testing; test date; next test date.

A test tag attached to each item indicating date, item, person performing the test, and status (pass/fail) of test

ACT Networks provides a report meeting AS/NZ 3760 standard.