Installations & Decommissioning

Desktop, Printer, POS, Data Centre, Phone, Software Upgrades


ACT Logistics makes enterprise wide deployments easy. Our Installation service offerings provide you with a no-risk solution for rapid deployments of large scale refresh programmes.

We provide complete end-to-end services including installation of new product, transfer of data and de-installation of obsolete product.



  • CBD, regional and remotely located technicians.

  • Flexible 24/7 workforce for minimal staff interruption.

  • Equipment and cables positioned as per OHS requirements.

  • Testing, Certification and Documentation of the equipment.

  • Removal of packing, cartons and debris.

  • Secure product warehousing.

  • Offset the services costs against buy-back value.

  • Post installation support.

By consolidating the installation of new equipment with the end-of-life decommissioning and disposal services you can offset the installation costs against the buy-back value of the obsolete equipment resulting in a “cost neutral” or “cost positive” solution.