EWaste Recycling


ACT Logistics meet all the International waste trade agreements and legal requirements with all divisions of the ACT Group being accredited to International Environmental Standard ISO14001.

All operations are carefully planned and executed using the Reuse - Reduce - Recycle method in order to minimise any impact on the environment. Our Environmental Management System, as well as all processes and actions performed, are continually monitored and refined to improve their effectiveness.


  • Reuse

The most commercially viable disposal solution is to reuse obsolete equipment.

In many cases customers receive a significant return on their old desktop fleet, servers, storage devices, communications and telephony equipment. The reuse of ICT equipment reduces the requirement for manufacturing excess product and further environmental issues.

  • Reduce

Where the entire unit cannot be refurbished and remarketed the next best outcome is to dismantle the equipment for parts recovery that can be utilised in the repair or upgrade of other second-hand equipment. This diminishes the physical recycling component that may be required resulting in a better environmental outcome.

  • Recycle

We dismantle, separate and distribute ICT equipment to resource recovery companies.

Our understanding of the market in conjunction with our quality processes and procedures, ensures our environmental approach to hazardous e-waste continues to develop and evolve; ensuring the best possible outcome for the community.