Data Shredding


ACT Logistics shredding service is a safe, secure, economical solution. We have the latest technology small footprint shredder for physical destruction of magnetic Hard Drives, Solid State Hard Drives, Data Tapes, PDA’S, Optical Media, Cell Phones and USB drives.

The unit is fast, safe, clean and quiet. It can be easily transported to the location of the media for on-site data destruction. Shredded material is discharged into a collection box housed within the system cabinet.


  • Destroys Hard Drives, optical Media, and assorted electronic devices.

  • Shreds to random pieces.
  • Shred
  • 125 to 500 devices per hour can be destroyed depending on type.

  • Transportable for on site operation.

  • Quiet (65 to 78dB).

  • Vibration free.

  • Full certification and reporting (including client details, serial numbers, date and time stamp, operator name) is supplied protecting your organisation from all accusations of improper data disposal.