Data Destruction


Tough regulations, the high cost of data breaches and the risk of data leaks means that it is imperative that the proper processes and procedures are implemented to ensure the complete and secure disposal of sensitive information.

ACT Logistics offers a number of onsite and offsite secure data destruction and disposal solutions ensuring you meet regulatory compliance. Full reporting and certification is provided to all customers detailing extensive information about each asset and the services performed protecting your organisation from all accusations of improper data disposal.

We can Overwrite, Degauss or Shred data storage devices meeting all international security requirements.

Hard drives for sanitisation include SATA, SCIS, SSD, ATA, Fibre Channel and SAS. These drives come from desktops, laptops, servers and many multifunction printers and copiers.

Devices unable to be overwritten are degaussed by our US NSA approved degausser then physically destroyed meeting Australian Government Security Controls.


There are many devices that don’t have a hard disk drive but still retain identifying information about a company. Devices such as switches, routers and fax machines are reset to the manufacturers default specifications to ensure the removal of any ownership details.

Smart phones and iPads / tablets carry vast amounts of data both internally and externally via memory and SIM cards. This generation of technology needs to be treated as seriously as a laptop computer in order to avoid data breaches. Where these devices are reused the devices are reset and the data overwritten.


Staff unintentionally leave items such as USB keys, CDs, DVDs, Secure ID tokens etc in laptop carry bags or official and confidential information in printer trays or copiers. Our standard QA process ensures carry bags, and printer/copier trays are thoroughly checked for such information and devices and appropriately destroyed or returned to the customer.