About Us



Since 1993 the ACT Group has grown to be known as one of Australias largest and most respected ICT Lifecycle management suppliers specialising in remarketing, installation, decommissioning, secure data destruction and repair of ICT equipment. We have the capacity and track record to deliver a solution that exceeds the expectations of all stakeholders.


Our world class facilities provide our customers the highest security that meets ISO27002 – Information Security Management System. We deliver the most efficient processes and technology available for testing, processing, research and development, environmental disposal, data destruction, and refurbishing of obsolete equipment. Our facility provides customers with a wider range of environmental options with a better, faster experience than anything else on the market.


We meet all the International waste trade agreements and legal requirements with all divisions of the ACT Group being accredited to International Standards ISO14001 and ISO9001. We take a strong stance at being at the forefront and leading the market by developing new improved ways to minimise waste.


Our commitment to research and development is vital to our sustained growth. We continually develop our processes in areas such as asset tracking, data security technology, environmental improvement and e-waste minimisation.